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Missing you  / Taylor Bradfield (niece)  Read >>
Missing you  / Taylor Bradfield (niece)
Today marks the day you were taken from us 6 years ago and it still feels new. Not like I expected it to hurt any less as time went on but today especially, you haven't left my mind. Latocha Christmas hasn't been the same without you and we're still learning to cope. I speak for the whole family when I say we're doing really well and I think you'd be proud of how far we've come as individuals. I miss you so much, everything from your music to your goofy smile and the positive vibes you gave off.. I pray to god I never forget your qualities. I remember this on time a group of us went ice skating at the riverfront in Philly and I was such a bad ice skater that you fell on purpose when I did to ease the embarrassment. I don't think I ever thanked you for that, thought I might get one more chance. I wish we would have been closer but I'm grateful for the relationship we did have. I love you. -Taylor Close
reminder / Jim Clark (friend)  Read >>
reminder / Jim Clark (friend)
Thinking of you today bro. Miss you! Close
Thinking of you today  / Aunt Michele Jeffers (Aunt)  Read >>
Thinking of you today  / Aunt Michele Jeffers (Aunt)
Hello Joel Just want you to know that I was thinking you today. It was so hard for me not to be there for your memorial service. I wanted to be there for you. I will never forget how sweet you were as my ring bearer when Hank and I got married. You will never be forgotten. love Aunt Michele Close
"There can only be one..."  / John Lerro (Friend)  Read >>
"There can only be one..."  / John Lerro (Friend)
Hey Joel,
Its been a long time, man. Although we hadn't seen each other or hung out in years, I am always left with great memories of you and my brethren of years ago. From cruising around in a packed Caprice to super crazy nights at the shore or hanging out in your kick ass garage, we all had fun. We all looked out for each other. So if it's all right by you, I want to continue to imagine you are not around because you escaped Delco and flew off to a warm and sunny place in the Mediterranean.  You have re-invented yourself and are successful, and you have everything you ever wanted. You are doing well. You are happy. Because you were always a great pal, that's how I HAVE to keep you because I know no other way. Just know that wherever you are, I think of you OFTEN. We all do. And we do miss you...

-John Close
Its been a long three years...  / J. Maro (Buddy)  Read >>
Its been a long three years...  / J. Maro (Buddy)
Miss ya Dude. Its been a long time man. Close
Happy Birthday, my brother, my friend....I miss u  / Laura Fulmer (Sister)  Read >>
Happy Birthday, my brother, my friend....I miss u  / Laura Fulmer (Sister)

Joel Gosh I don't even know where to's been 5 1/2 months and it still feels so raw.  I really struggled bad for the first 3 months and then I told myself I had to get a grip.  So I have managed but still miss you immensely.  There are so many songs that remind me of you make me cry make me smile etc.  The garage that was to be your "apartment" just makes me cry when I think that you were going to live with us.  I wanted that so badly!  I wanted you to be that close so I knew where you were.  I worried about you a lot before the accident as we all know you liked your late nights.  I thought it would be good for me to have you there.  Food for  Jenna will see me looking at your picture and she doesn't want me to because it makes me cry.....I told her they were good tears.  It was ok to cry for Uncle Joel because I love him and miss him.  You know I am getting old...haha....and I get fearful that I'm going to forget something we've done or some story you told etc.  I don't want to forget anything about you.  I remember the day you were was a warm day and I had to keep going to the pay phone to get calls about you if you were here yet etc.  When you came home from the hospital I was in heaven with a new baby in the house.  You were sooo cute!  The foster home before the Ariza's were blessed with you you slept right next to me and I was very protective.  I cried so badly when they took you to your new home and I remember thinking it wasn't fair but when you came to us at age 20 it was so awesome.  It is not fair that God took you from me again I don't know why I have to endure so much pain but I'm sure there is some reason.  I just don't know if I'll ever be able to figure it out.  Tomorrow you would be 25 and we are honoring you at the Phillies game.  You'd be happy to see us all wearing your shirt proudly and letting the world know that we miss you and you loved your Phils!  Happy Birthday (a day early) I wish I could get a sign.......I love you! 

to an old friend  / Shannon Murphy (old best friend )  Read >>
to an old friend  / Shannon Murphy (old best friend )

little miss jacquie madrak told me today did you hear about joel ?? so i went searching since i had no idea what she was talking about. and i found the last thing i wanted to see a month later and to find that no one we were friends before bother contacting me to tell me that you were gone. i came home from the bar only a little tipsy on a tuesday but passed by cuddys even though you would have wanted eme to go there since that's where i;ve seen you the most in the past couple months and i found i had lost you. the one person that i shared my birthday with that still to this daty i could say hi to give abig hug n kiss and that fact that we hadn't talked in years or months would have never mattered. i'm more heartbroken that i couldn't attend your services and tell your mom n dad how much i still loved you and that we were still friends and you had showed up with your new girlfriend when i needed you and no one else did. i'm so broken hearted that i found out so late but i will come and visit you  and make an extra cake for you on our birthday. i looked through every picture to find the one of us blowing out my cnadles on my 18th birthday but it wasn't there. but i'm sure ny mom has it somehwhere and i will blow it up and hang it my room so i think of you everyday. and every year i will blow out by candles with you like it was that day. you were a great friend . i wish i had that one last time to drink 40's with you in the garage or do something stupid and your parents would get mad at us. or feed your dog before she had her surgery. or hang out at ardmore before the cops kicked us out. or some crazy adveture in west chester. or a recent adventure at cuddys or the ale house. i'm so glad i saw you so many times before this. rest in peace my friend you will be greatly missed !!

love always


Good Friend  / Nicole Andreacchio (Friend)  Read >>
Good Friend  / Nicole Andreacchio (Friend)
I first met Joel years ago. He was my very first boyfriend when I was in highschool. His personality was so enticing he actually convinced me to go out with him before we had even met in person! He was everything a good boyfriend should be. He treated me with such respect kept me laughing all the time and really made me feel loved. He truly set the standard for future guys in my life. Even after we parted ways from our relationship we remained close friends. I was never closer with a former boyfriend the way I was close with Joel. I remember him telling me how excited he was to find his birth family. He would constantly update me every time he found out he had a new niece or nephew and couldn't spend enough time with his family. He was such a big hearted person who couldn't do enough for the people he cared about. I truly am glad that God brought him into my life and I was able to know him like I did. I know that I am a better person for knowing him. And as each day passes and I try to move on from this terrible tragedy my tears of hurt are starting to turn into hope and motivation to turn my life around and really start to appreciate the gifts I've been given in my life as I definitely know Joel did every day. To Joel - you put a stamp on my life and I will never forget you. I am so lucky to have known you and wish you only comfort and happiness in your new place of rest. To Joel's family both natural and adopted - my biggest sympathies and prayers go out to you. He was an amazing person and this is truly a terrible loss. Close
R.I.P / Andrea DeMatto (uncle to my children - his brother Larry is the childrens father )  Read >>
R.I.P / Andrea DeMatto (uncle to my children - his brother Larry is the childrens father )

He will be extremely missed.  My son enjoyed him coming to his baseball games and he is going to miss him as will all of us. He was  full of life and was taken from us way to young . He will be in our hearts and memories forever. We love you.

big brother  / Jaclyn Russell (sister)  Read >>
big brother  / Jaclyn Russell (sister)

Joel you just came into my life about 4 years ago. I remember that night just like it was yesterday. I was coming home from visiting my new neice and got a phone call from laura that she was with you I was so excited to finally be able to meet you. I remember when I got to the river I ran up to where everyone was standing then I just stopped. They looked at us both like "well are you going to hug each other?" You gave me the best hug ever! You were always good at giving one of your big bear hugs! That night was the start of a great 4 years. I could tell you ANYTHING at all. You weren't just my big brother you were my best friend. And you always told me that you wanted to be both. You knew when to be a brother and when to be a friend to me. Its heartbreaking knowing that you're gone but you definitely lived a great life. I'm just happy that I had the chance to have you in my life. It means the world to me that we got along and shared many great memories! You will always be the greatest big brother I could ever ask for no matter what! Whenever I need a good laugh I'll just think of the many times you would call me "outta control"! LOL. Or "cooler than cool whip". Dominic is going to hear many stories about his Uncle Joel as he gets older you don't have to worry about that. Joel I love you and I'm going to miss you like crazy.

big brother; best friend  / Casey Latocha (sister)  Read >>
big brother; best friend  / Casey Latocha (sister)

Joel came into my life just about 3 years ago. it wasn't long before we came more than just siblings but also best friends. i told him everything and if i were ever in a tough situation instead of being too sympathetic he'd do anything to take my mind off it. and it always worked. so now im trying my best to think of how he would be if he saw me upset right now what he would say and do i know he would do anything to make me laugh. knowing that puts a smile on my face. theres so much to say about him and theres too many good times for words he was an all around great guy and i couldnt ask for a better big brother as well as a best friend. i know that he is my guardian angel and no matter how unfair this all seems everything happens for a reason and im waiting to see what joel has in store for me. yes his time was short but everyone must agree that he lived a great life and his adventurous personality is what he went down with its not unlikely for joel to have gone out with a big bang he was always doing crazy stuff and its unfortunate that this crazy stunt had to be the one he didnt come through ok you'll be missed dearly joel but we all love you so much.


Too Soon!  / Fallon Scott (friend)  Read >>
Too Soon!  / Fallon Scott (friend)
Joel was a great guyi dont know one person who ever had something bad to say about him.We had lost contact over the past few years but just recently started talking againwe had plans to go to my sisters Halloween party but it never happendedi wish i had that last chance to hang out with him. This isnt even right .And to the Ariza family you are in me  and my familys prayers. Close
JOEL / Katie Mervine (friend)  Read >>
JOEL / Katie Mervine (friend)
joel u will never be forgotten i miss u soo much and our 3am convos out back u were a great guy and did whatever u could do for anybody Close
Joel / Christine Meehan (Friend)  Read >>
Joel / Christine Meehan (Friend)
I just want to say how sorry I am to Joel's family.  Joel was a such a great person and fun to be around.  He was great with kids too.  My son Nicholas misses him.  I just can't believe this has happened!  Joel had a lot of great friends who really  cared  about him! I am praying for the Ariza family at this difficult time. Close
wishing 4 just 1 more of your 4am phone calls  / Jaime Stephenson (friend)  Read >>
wishing 4 just 1 more of your 4am phone calls  / Jaime Stephenson (friend)


 I made this site because i want to help keep your memory alive forever and to let you know we will never forget you. I have known you off and on through my mom over the years but I finally had the chance to become your friend through Ryan Dori and the rest of the crew and for that i am grateful.  We have had so many fun times and alot of long talks some happy some sad. Things weren't always perfect but no matter what we still remained friends. The last time i saw you was a the wawa on burmont and you were asking me to come hang out n have a beer =). Your 4am phone calls were classic and i never wanted to hang up bc i wanted to know that you were ok and safe at home there were calls where i would be late for work but that didnt matter because i knew you needed an ear and i would have always been that ear if you needed me to be. I know your in a good place now but please watch over your family and friends especially Ryan... You two were like peas in a pod you wouldnt see one without the other. He is being the strong Ryan you always knew but deep inside i am sure he is lost without his little bro and best friend... I wish we could all wake up from this horrible dream and have you come and say hey whats wrong with you guys i am here. I wish i knew why i looked at your page that night i dont know why but i couldnt stop checking out your pics when i heard the news at 6 friday morning something instantly told me it was you i kept praying i was wrong and then i got the phone call. I was at work and just started crying my eyes out wondering why why it had to be you. The one guy you could count on for a laugh and to be there if you needed him...


Joel we all miss and love you so very much and i hope you see from above how many people do.